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Brand Story

April 2004, Mr.Wu Yulin firstly visited the Light+Building at Frankfurt, Germany and he found that China lighting companies had big differences comparing to products, company images and product design quality from international companies. Then Wu set up his mind to catch up with the international lighting giants from then on. After the exhibition, he established Cosio Lighting in October 2004, and plunged into lighting career with his strong mind to this goal.

Brand Cosio
COSIO has been specialized in professional R&D capability in lighting since 2004,with high quality, inspired innovation and design, it occupies the high-end market. So far we are cooperating with more than 60 international brands.

Symbolization of COSIO
C:is for the Moon
O:is for the Sun
SI:means "be" in Italian
O:is for illumination and sunshine
Cosio symbolizes that the sun and the moon bring light to human beings.

COSIO in Italian, means sugar,and it is short for the word Glucosio.
COSIO is a city of Italy, Cosio Valtellino, which is a commune in the Province of Sondrio and is located about 80 km northeast of Milan


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